For the reissue of the popular historical Merle Miller books as ebooks, I worked with RosettaBooks to create what had been stand alone titles into a series. Utilizing strong portrait photographs with a unifying theme of the American flag and consistent typography, the three titles have been transformed into a set.

Author Sam Reaves had retained the rights to reissue his back list of Cooper MacLeish Mystery/Thrillers in Kindle and Nook formats. After the completion of A Long Cold Fall, Sam decided to release the rest of the titles in the series. Since every cover had a unique piece of art and its own typography, a unifying identifier would be a welcome addition. The "CM" circular logo was created and added to each cover. The overall result was a fresh look that would attract readers looking for a character that they could follow through several adventures.


When long time client The Permanent Press, published Flat Spin, the first Cordell Logan Mystery by David Freed, the anticipation was for additional books in the future. The success of Flat Spin guaranteed this. A simple band of color with sans serif typography served as the series identifier. As the series progressed, the band could come and go but the the identifying type remained. The benefit of the series typography alerts a satisfied reader that there are other titles featuring Cordell Logan.