David Foster Wallace was an unknown author when I was given this assignment. After seeing some of my airbrushed paintings, I was hired by Viking to produce the cover art for this strange and wonderful book. Even then, I was in the habit of reading the entire manuscript. Creating this art would have been impossible if I hadn't. Originally produced as limited edition hardcover with a simultaneous paperback edition, I have always been proud to have had an association with this author. The original sketch was very close to the finished art which allowed Art Director Melissa Jacoby to lay out the type design before the original painting was delivered.


Designed for Paragon House, this cover was created for The Arm Chair Traveler series. The imagery evoked the feeling of the late 1920's, a time when the author was exploring Haiti and its mysterious voodoo and witchcraft rituals.

This image was given new life in 2012 when the Canadian Museum of Civilization incorporated it into its show titled "VODOU" .

The Hacker Crackdown

This early book dealing with computer hacking was appropriately the first book cover design worked on in our studio that incorporated computer art. It was the early days of Photoshop, a black and white image was scanned, colorized and then the mosaic filter was applied to give it the pixelated look, what we all felt said "computer". Times have changed.